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Carbon Footprint
Green Refurbishments
Sustainability Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint calculator developed by AMEE.

Through our working with AMEE we are able to calculate the Carbon Footprint of our projects. Thus enabling us to monitor our carbon usage, improve on that usage and offset that usage. By using AMEE's web based calcuation tools we are able to have an accurate usage calculation based upon the best carbon-related data in the world: emissions factors and the algorithms for using them.


The Calculations

With an online calculator built with AMEE we are able to calculate our employees and clients carbon footprint either for offsetting purposes or to allow them to set reduction targets and track their progress. The Web-based solution includes pre-defined analytics for accurate forecasting and correlation between metrics, with both automated data capture and manual Web data entry. Better sustainability reporting leads to more effective planning, better adherence to regulations, and more effective results.

  • Deliveries - The number of deliveries to site, the miles travelled and the size of the vehicle.
  • Commuting The number of people travelling to site, the distance each person commuted to get to site and the mode of transport.
  • Electricity - The quantity of energy used.
  • Waste - The quantity and type of wastes produced, and the amount that was recycled.
  • Materials - The quantity and type of materials used.


AMEE helps companies, governments and consumers calculate their carbon footprint. The AMEE API provides access to the most up-to-date carbon and environmental data. Applications and solutions that are "powered by AMEE" help ensure compliance with authoritative international standards.AMEE worked with the Government on developing their Act on CO2 carbon calculator. Today AMEE powers carbon calculation engines and stores data for more than 200 global organisations.

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