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Carbon Footprint
Green Refurbishments

Sustainability Development Objectives

When kjp approaches any new project sustainability is always at the forefront of our planning process. Below you will find a list of Cross Cutting Issues and Environmental Issues which we use as a guide and marker system to follow and improve upon with each development.

Cross Cutting Issues

  1. Minimise carbon dioxide production from all aspects of construction, management, occupation and demolition, including transport , and incorporate adaptation to climate change impacts
  2. Build in participatory design and post-occupancy evaluation to inform the design of future sustainable developments

Environmental Issues

  1. Maximise efficient use of land and buildings in relation to infrastructure requirements and carbon emissions
  2. Maximise sustainable energy supply and use i.e. renewable energy and energy efficiency
  3. Minimise waste and maximise recycling both during construction and after occupation, including design for deconstruction/easy alterations in the future.
  4. Conserve water resources and minimise vulnerability to flood risk
  5. Minimise polluting emissions to water, air and soil and minimise noise and light pollution
  6. Maximise use of materials from local and sustainable sources, while minimising embodied carbon emissions in products and materials.
  7. Protect and enhance biodiversity
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- Government Strategy for Sustainable Construction


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